Dover Castle

dover castle

Allenby Coach Hire takes passengers to Dover castle, also known as the ‘key to England’ due to its crucial role in defence history.

Minibus and coach hire visitors to the castle can enjoy the soaring medieval heights of the Great Tower to the dramatic journey through underground passages that were used as a hospital during the Second World War.

The site had another important role in history as Britain’s oldest lighthouse, used by the Romans Empire to safely see passengers across from France.

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Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to the famous Chartwell, the main residency of Sir Winston Churchill.

Two miles south of Westerham, the house is still preserved with treasures from throughout Churchill’s life and is a very popular destination for coach hire and minibus passengers.

Visitors can also enjoy the garden grounds, which contain some of the kitchen garden walls that Churchill built himself at a speed of 90 bricks per hour.

Children and young families visiting Chartwell can enjoy the Churchill family hobby trail.

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Leeds Castle

leeds castle

Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to Leeds castle, about five miles south-east of Maidstone.

This Norman stronghold is one  of the most visited historic buildings in Britain, and is a regular destination for many coach hire and minibus passengers.

As well as the castle itself, there is also a maze and an underground grotto, which is very popular with children and young families.

Above ground, there is an opportunity to go punting on the moat that surrounds the castle, and falconry.

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Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

port lympne wildlife animal park


Allenby Coach Hire offers transport to one of the most visited destinations in all Kent, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

As part of a large conservation effort in Britain, the animal park features a variety of experiences for children and families.

Visitors can see many African animals, join and follow the primate trail, and see the carnivore territory.

There are also lots of activities throughout the day, offering the experience to spend time with over 88 species of 700 different animals.

Some of the park’s highlights include the gorillas, tigers and giraffes.

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Rochester Cathedral

rochester cathedral

Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to the Norman built Rochester Cathedral.

Visitors can enjoy group tours and guided walks through the famous Medway cathedral.

Next door to the cathedral is also the twelfth century keep that once guarded Rochester – and to this day is one of the best preserved stone towers in England.

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Image: Raggatt2000 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons.

Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

Sissinghurst castle

Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to National Trust owned Sissinghurst castle gardens.

In the heart of Sissinghurst village, coach and minibus hire passengers enjoy exploring the many different areas of the castle grounds. Some of the favorites are the nuttery, and the white garden.

Visitors to the gardens also enjoy exploring the village of Sissinghurst itself with many quaint and historic shops and tea rooms.

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Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to towns in south-east Kent like Tenterden for day trips with schools and specialist groups.

Day passengers enjoy visiting the museums and churches of this quaint, historic town. The Heritage Trail is well known and recommended by many for a day outside near the Rother Valley countryside.

Tenterden also hosts The Kent and East Sussex Railway that still has operational light railway line that visits the National Trust castle at Bodiam.

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Turner Contemporary

turner contemporary

Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to the popular destination of Turner Contemporary.

Based in Margate, the gallery is easily accessible from London and Kent, and well worth a visit.

This iconic gallery is home to displays of some of the best contemporary fine art. Named after the famous landscape painter from Margate, J. M. W. Turner, the gallery is free entry.

Visitors also enjoy the beach in Margate, which is also only a short distance away from Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

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Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to Whitstable, a popular harbour and fishing town in Kent.

Still a fishing town, Whitstable is a popular day trip destination to experience the fresh fish markets, visits to local art galleries and sample to their many restaurants and cafes.

Coach and minibus hire passengers also visit the harbor – famous as the alleged birth place of scuba gear – and the many named stretches of a classic British coastline, like ‘Tankerton Slopes’ and ‘Cushings View’.

Whitstable castle is another popular destination for its hosted conferences, and various events in the grounds throughout the year.

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Canterbury Cathedral


Allenby Coach Hire provides transport to the historic city of Canterbury, home of one of Britain’s oldest and most famous cathedrals.

Day visitors to the cathedral can attend group tours around a cathedral that holds such close significance with important historical figures such as Thomas Becket.

Coach and minibus passengers can also visit the medieval ruins that make up the precincts to the cathedral, and enjoy the cathedral grounds.

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